Japanese restaurant menu

7 August 2015

Riba Ris (Fish Rice) is a Japanese restaurant in Novosibirsk. We designed a menu which interacts with visitors — instruction included.

Art Directors: Pasha Marin, Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev
Design: Pasha Marin, Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev, Pasha Palenin, Alina Stebletsova
Photographer: Pasha Marin, Alex Peachman
Project Manager: Pasha Marin

Euforia de Flores
Euforia de Flores
Visual identity for flower delivery service
8 September 2018
Moscow Polytech
Moscow Polytech
4 May 2018
A poster for 6 hours
A poster for 6 hours
Spice Poster
11 August 2017
Cheese Gallery
Cheese Gallery
Retouching of advertising visuals
19 February 2018
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