Japanese restaurant menu

7 August 2015

Riba Ris (Fish Rice) is a Japanese restaurant in Novosibirsk. We designed a menu which interacts with visitors — instruction included.

Art Directors: Pasha Marin, Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev
Design: Pasha Marin, Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev, Pasha Palenin, Alina Stebletsova
Photographer: Pasha Marin, Alex Peachman
Project Manager: Pasha Marin

Back to School
Back to School
16 August 2020
The main thing is to know where to look
The main thing is to know where to look
Promotional video for N1
31 January 2020
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IQ Energy
The evolution of heat and energy
17 March 2016
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My Size
Identity for the streetwear store
19 March 2016
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