Prelox — excite your feelings

5 May 2017

Prelox is a biologically active food additive for men and women containing substances which protect blood
vessel walls and promote good blood circulation, improving sexual functions of the body.

By the BBDO request we designed key visuals for this campaign.


Modelling and rendering: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Retouch: Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Lili Zhukova

ELK Ural Keramika
ELK Ural Keramika
Ceramic tableware from the Urals
5 June 2017
Icons for an outdoor activities app
27 January 2017
Japanese restaurant menu
7 August 2015
Prokhorov’s confectionery
Prokhorov’s confectionery
Design and creation of the site for the confectionery
20 January 2018
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