ZOOCAGE - a free font that looks like a zoo cage

03 November 2020 | Created our own font

The main task of the font is to imitate a zoo cage over images. Letterspace are equal to the intra-letter clearance, just as the distance between the rods of the cage are equal to each other.

The font is very narrow and tall, it consists only of uppercase, no lowercase. The caps have more symmetry and less personality, which nicely underlines the idea of a typeface where the elements should be very similar to each other.

First of all we see the lattice, and then the letters and the message itself.







The font works well on large formats. It should be included in the semantic context of imprisonment, isolation, prison, lack of freedom, including mental.



Font is totally free and can be used for any purpose.

Download ZOOCAGE font

Project team

Art Director: Danil Kartashev
Type designer: Nikita Sklyarov
Illustrator: Nikita Sklyarov

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