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18 January 2023 | Advertising campaign for a telecom provider

Looking at old photos, we relive the moments of the past.

Usually the memories are pleasant. Either because we photograph happy events more often. Is it because at the moment we overestimate the seriousness of our problems, and over time they are simply forgotten as something insignificant. And even if it was hard for us then, looking at old photos, we understand that it was the difficulties that we were going through at that time that led us to where we are now.


Project team

Client: Elektronniy Gorod
Art Director: Danil Kartashev
Producer: Denis Ovechko
Photographers: Pasha Marin, Mikhail Dubro, Danil Kartashev
Illustrator: Dasha Cherkasova
Retouch: Kirill Anferov
Graphic Design: Kirill Anferov, Dasha Cherkasova, Alena Vedernikova
Motion Design: Ivan Mirozyan
Sound Design: Denis Ovechko
Copywriter: Boris Skok

Elektronniy Gorod

Dmitry Mishin
Vladimir Vorsin

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