Everything will tune in — EG

18 January 2023 | Advertising Campaign for a Telecom Provider

As we gaze upon old photographs, we find ourselves reliving moments from the past.

Typically, these memories are pleasant. Perhaps it's because we tend to capture happy occasions more often. Or maybe it's because, at the moment, we tend to overestimate the seriousness of our problems. With time, they simply fade away, becoming insignificant. Even if we went through tough times back then, looking at old photos, we realize that our challenges led us to where we are today.

Through this advertising campaign, we aim to convey to the people of Novosibirsk that everything will fall into place no matter how challenging things may seem now. And any internet-related issues can be resolved - all it takes is a call to the number 209 00 00.

Everything will tune in.
Project team

Client: Elektronniy Gorod
Art Director: Danil Kartashev
Producer: Denis Ovechko
Photographers: Pasha Marin, Mikhail Dubro, Danil Kartashev
Illustrator: Dasha Cherkasova
Retouch: Kirill Anferov
Graphic Design: Kirill Anferov, Dasha Cherkasova, Alena Vedernikova
Motion Design: Ivan Mirozyan
Sound Design: Denis Ovechko
Copywriter: Boris Skok

Elektronniy Gorod

Dmitry Mishin
Vladimir Vorsin

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