EG TV Outdoor Advertising

11 February 2021 | Advertising campaign

In the race for productivity, we no longer remember that the body's resources are not unlimited. We try to be busy every second of our time and forget that the one who works well is the one who has a good rest. New Year's holidays — it's time to remember this, slow down, and restore strength.

Let yourself relax with the EG. Allow yourself to be productive afterwards.



Having plunged into the comfort of home and wearing your favorite pajamas, we all love to spend our free time in different ways. That's why our characters are also different. Everyone found time to dream and relax. Slogans complement the overall picture of the cozy atmosphere, like your favorite home slippers.

In the midst of the city's bustle and daily worries, it is so useful to take a break sometimes.


Project team

Art Director: Danil Kartashev
Illustrator: Dasha Cherkasova
Copywriter: Nastya Kitikova
Animation: Maxim Zaitsev
Layout: Kirill Anferov, Nikita Sklyarov
Project Manager: Denis Ovechko

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