Visuals and identity instruments for the club (18+)

22 January 2017

Estestvoznanie (which means «Natural History») is a striptease bar. First two bars have opened in Novosibirsk and Volgograd.
For their launch we made identity instruments, bar and hookah menus and visuals fro the site.

Estestvoznanie is positioned as a man's club for one who don't like loud music and wants to spend his night in a calm and private atmosphere exploring the beauty of the female body. We tried to deliver this atmosphere through visuals — they are calm, obedient and ready to let you explore, as showpieces in an art gallery.

Рекламная съемка Estestvoznanie от Feel Factory

Club card visual.

Images for the site.

Identity elements — business cards, cloakroom nameplates, badges and plates.

Project team

Art Directors: Pasha Marin, Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev
Retouch: Alina Stebletsova, Danil Kartashev, Pasha Marin
Design: Dima Kolchanov
Modelling and rendering: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Photographer: Pasha Marin, Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Lili Zhukova

2.03.21 Design
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