The main beach festival in Siberia - Electronic Beach, this year received a new visual identity.

02 September 2019 | Festival branding

The Electronic Beach Festival has been held in Novosibirsk for the 4th year already.
This time, our team created a new event identity. We had no taskto create a simple,
comfortable identity for all audiences. On the contrary, non-standard solutions were
welcomed. The festival is for a progressive audience.

This is a beach festival, which is very unusual for Siberia, but believe me, the local conditions allow
this to be realized. We even have our own “sea”, on the shore of which everything happens. The main
directions are sports, music and entertainment. Each activity is in its location, which we “dressed”
with care in a new style. Windsurfing competitions and many other water sports were held.

Project team

Client: Elektronniy Gorod
Art Directors: Ilya Gureev, Max Krotov
Design: Max Krotov, Nikita Sklyarov, Mikhail Dubro, Veronika Andreeva, Viktor Shulgin
Animation: Max Krotov, Viktor Shulgin
Photographer: Kirill Lazarev
Project Manager: Denis Ovechko

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