Identity for the copywriting studio Sila Slov

25 July 2014

Every text consists from words (word Slov in Russian). The better copywriter choose words the better text works. And then these words have a power (word Sila in Russian) - a Power of Words (Sila Slov). There is a direction in which you should use this power and that’s why there’s a vector sign. We designed a naming, a logo and a laconic identity.

This is the logo. It’s simple and clear. It is a word. It consists only from typography signs.
It is perfect face for the company, working with texts, isn’t it?

Нейминг Сила слов от Feel Factory

And this is a sign of a Sila Slov. The power is recognized here from the first sight. It looks like the symbol F in Physics, which means power.

Элементы айдентики Сила слов от Feel Factory

The main focus goes to main product — text. All the rest design instruments are made only for the clarity of the meaning.

Situations, in which it is necessary to decorate or add some mood nonverbally, are una-voidable.
Beautiful, dynamic and contrasty pattern, reminding syntax signs, fits perfect for this.

Паттерн Синтаксические выделения от Feel Factory

Project team

Art Directors: Egor Cherkasov, Dmitriy Kislitsyin
Design: Egor Cherkasov
Project Manager: Boris Skok

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