Identity for the branch of the Nature Museum

24 February 2015

Nature Museum is a branch of the Novosibirsk Museum of Local Lore. There are more than 1500 showpieces and the most famous is the female mammoth skeleton. We designed a visual image of the museum with the examples of the further communication with visitors and use of the identity instruments.

Sign of the Nature Museum is the base of the identity. It easily changes and makes all the graphics change after it. It’s recognizable and bright and the constructivist approach to graphics calls to study science.

Визуалы Музей природы дизайн Feel Factory

Living sign means living design. It looks very diversely but recognizable at the same time.
Colors, compositions, fonts — all the art instruments together make modern and informative system of visual communication.

Фирменный стиль Краеведческого музея от Feel Factory

Before giving the materials to the client we prepared a brief for the identity use.

Руководство по дизайну (гайдлайн) Музей природы от Feel Factory

Project team

Art Directors: Egor Cherkasov, Dmitriy Kislitsyin
Дизайн: Egor Cherkasov
Менеджер проекта: Boris Skok

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