Visuals for the dental clinic

17 March 2015

iDent is a Center of Dental implantology. For the Cosmos-Web agency we made key visuals for the site.

Art Director: Ilya Gureev
Retouch: Danil Kartashev, Sergey Egorov
Modelling and rendering: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Ilya Gureev

Indigo Kids
Indigo Kids
Identity for a shoe brand
21 January 2018
Gourmet from McDonald’s
Gourmet from McDonald’s
16 May 2017
My Size
My Size
Identity for the streetwear store
19 March 2016
Hurdy Gurdy
Hurdy Gurdy
Identity for the grill-bar
10 May 2018
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