It is a SCR campaign designed to raise awareness of an issue that PETA Australia has been struggling with for years

21 June 2021 | PETA Australia



Every year, Australia exports millions of live cows and sheep on hellish journeys to Asia and the Middle East, forcing them to endure grueling, multi-day travel thousands of kilometers. More than 200 million animals have been herded onto filthy cargo ships over the last 30 years, more than 2.5 million of them have been trampled to death or died from dehydration, starvation or disease during transport.

The live export industry is a monstrous animal abuse machine. It has to be stopped.



Project team

Agency: Hop Hop illustrations
Art Director: @vetrov_comedy
Art director and 3D: @levit_ilya
For our friends: @peta, @peta_australia


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