Identity for the bakery

27 November 2016

Hlebopech is a bakery based in Novosibirsk. In addition to baking they also make sandwiches, desserts and coffee. There's a bench next to the entrance of the bakery where one can take a rest and have a snack. We have designed a logo and an identity instruments for the bakery.

Logo shape is made with the use of soft, round forms that will set up the consumer for a friendly, nice atmosphere and will bring him to a roundness of the main product. The tail of the «б» also shows that this is something that’s made of wheat.

To unify the communication materials of the bakery we made a system of the illustration production, the use of them in advertising and communication carriers and few working examples.

llustrations are based on a primitive forms. Let’s make few layouts, for example for bicycle and tablet lottery:

Here we have a bright visual that shows the advert very clear and readable.

Works good with photos also.

The «FF.Hlebopech» numeric font was designed also for price-lists and offers.

Шрифты для Хлебопечь от Feel Factory

Айдентика Хлебопечь дизайн Feel Factory

To make it easier to work with new brand we made a guide for the designers.

Руководство по дизайну Хлебопечь от Feel Factory

Project team

Art Directors: Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev, Egor Guliyev
Design: Pasha Palenin, Artemy Medyantsev, Pasha Marin
Modelling and rendering: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Boris Skok

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