Hurdy Gurdy — identity for the grill-bar

10 May 2018 | Identity for the grill-bar

The agency have designed a naming and identity for the bar.

Логотип Харди Гарди в рамке

Hurdy Gurdy is a grill bar. The basis of identity - engraving illustrations, unique handwriting and
the spirit of England in the 19th century.

The task of the descriptor is to decipher the company’s activity - we do it as diversely and
dynamically as possible

Логотип с дескриптером

Graphics and characters are the base of visual communication. In the basis of the graphics we have
laid three different characters, each has its own prototype and a small history.

Прообразы персонажей для айдентики

Goose and Mr. Pig conflict and constantly debate among themselves, the Bulldog is above the fight
and resolves these conflicts. Goose and Mr. Pig call a guest to bum or participate in the special offer.
Bulldog more often informs about technical and serious information.

Гравюрные иллюстрации персонажей

Another complementary element is an engraving pattern depicting the boiling water, which indicates
the brutal, winding nature of the bar.

Гравюрный паттерн

The accented font is Alice. The refined font headset is suitable for highlighting important
information in headings and large text blocks.

Шрифт Alice

Yellow is one of the accent colors in the identity. It helps to highlight important information or
attract attention, depending on the tasks. But often we do not want to limit the identity of a certain
set of colors and scales, because in the restaurant business there are a lot of different tonalities and
colors - in food, in the interior, in the atmosphere.

Mr. Pig ordered it from his good friend Toby, while he was still alive. There’s a long story,
somehow we’ll tell you about a glass-another whiskey.

Вывеска на фасад

Отправляемся в Томск, Джонни. У нас там важные дела. Говорят, местами он похож на Бирмингем.