We made the Altex Sound Design identity and the speaker system design

09 December 2018 | Identity for the speaker system manufacturer

Altex Sound Design produces acoustic systems. Each "pair" is created manually, starting from the concept, ending with the adjustment to the acoustic features of the room in which it will work.

Feel Factory made an identity for the company and could not miss the opportunity to create their own design of acoustics. Together with ASD, we have created a perfectly balanced and aesthetic

Unique experience, unique sound by FF.

Project team

Client: Altex Sound Design
Art Director: Dima Kolchan, Danil Kartashev
Design: Dima Kolchan, Max Krotov, Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev
Typography: Dima Kolchan, Rodion Ilyuhin
Project Manager: Denis Vivdenko

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