Eqville — a bridge between the city and nature

09 July 2020 | Branding

Eqville — vitamins and dietary supplements created by Siberian pharmacists that combine the benefits of natural ingredients and a scientific approach. Eqville products are designed for people who lack nature.

We want city dwellers, with their rhythm of life and deeds, to also have the opportunity to touch the nature. After all, every city dweller feels nature differently. For some, mountains and freshness are important, which will energize for an active urban rhythm, while others prefer a smooth lawn with a lake, which will recuperate after grueling meetings.

We have developed a positioning that speaks in images and phrases of human nature. The visual system is based on a bridge connecting the city and nature. Soft, curved lines — as opposed to cold urban geometry. We invite you to return to natural balance, we call to the origins.

This is how we created Eqville.

Project team

Agency: Feel Factory
Client: Eqville
Art Director: Dima Kolchan
Designers: Dima Kolchan, Nikita Sklyarov, Max Krotov
Rendering: Sergey Egorov
Type designer: Nikita Sklyarov
Illustrators: Dima Kolchan, Dasha Cherkasova
Аccount planner and PM: Denis Vivdenko

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