Event identity

15 September 2017

Russian Boxing Day is an annual event, taking place on July 22. In 2017 it was held fot the first time on the Red Square.
There was the most massive workout for about three thousand people.

We created an identity, which will be used for annual events, dedicated to the celebration of the Russian Boxing Day.

Constructive shapes form the basic graphics of the identity.






Invitations, printed on wooden blocks will remain as a souvenir.

Art Director: Ilya Gureev
Design: Ilya Gureev
Retouch: Danil Kartashev
Animation: Max Krotov

Key visuals
20 April 2018
Cheese Gallery
Cheese Gallery
Retouching of advertising visuals
19 February 2018
Bia - Live Well
Bia - Live Well
Identity and menu for smoothie bar Bia
19 September 2016
Favn Quest
Favn Quest
Identity for a reality quest
28 April 2015
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