05 March 2024 | Рosters for the series

Alice's Dream TV Series — Promo

A mother who won't let you breathe...
A place you can't escape...
A reality indistinguishable from a nightmare...

A northern mystical thriller about a girl with a frightening ability to predict people's deaths.

Alice lives in a small northern town where children have been missing for a long time under mysterious circumstances. She has problems with her mother at home and classmates at school. She seems strange to everyone, but no one knows about her curse — she has terrible terrifying dreams that predict the future of the people around her.

The task was to create a main and character posters that would reveal the mystical component of the series, without going into the horror genre.

Project team

Art Director/CG Generalist: Ilya Levit
Account Director: Denis Vyvdenko
Producer: Sandra Levit
Lead Graphic Designer: Pavel Marin
CG Generalist: Maria Garaeva
3D Visualizator: Danil Kartashev
Graphic Designer: Kirill Anferov
Retoucher: Alina Stebletsova


Creative Director: Rita Indionkova
Art Director: Dasha Koloshina
Content Marketer: Anna Kuzmenkova
Designer: Pavel Dubitskiy
Motion Designers: Nikita Khudyakov, Ivan Andrukovich
Copywriters: Igor Davydov, Bert Livingstone


Producer: Alexandr Homich
Photographer: Egor Sheremetiev

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