Identity for a restaurant and delivery service Sushkof

23 September 2016

Sushkof is a Japanese restaurants chain and a delivery service. We designed a new logo and identity instruments.
Sushkof has been opened in 2008, so the main idea was to leave it familiar but refresh it and make it more live.

New and old versions of the logo.

New image of the restaurant is rapid, confident and modern.


The main font is Acrom, it's readable and delivers the dynamism and friendliness with the round shapes and contemporary lettering.

The graphic elements refer to ingredients of the Japanese cuisine. They can be used to decorate the promotional materials and make different patterns.

Паттерны Sushkof дизайн Feel Factory

Developed system of the graphic forms and templates makes it easy to create promotional materials which will be identified with the image of the company.


Additional elements which are necessary: navigation signs, working hours, business cards and badges.

Фирменный стиль Сушкоф от Feel Factory

We made templates of the main menu and the delivery booklet.

Дизайн меню Сушкоф от Feel Factory

Project team

Art Director: Dima Kolchanov
Design: Dima Kolchanov, Sergey Egorov, Pasha Marin, Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Natasha Zalesskaya

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