Key visual for an Internet service provider

03 April 2017

Internet provider Electronniy Gorod develops the smart house direction and helps to make wireless Internet working stably and throughout the area of the apartment or office. The company solves the problems associated with setting up and installing of equipment, by being experts in this field.

To let everyone know about the opportunity of using this service for wireless internet quality improvement we designed the concept and the key visual for this campaign.

Прототип билборда Электронный город – Главное настрой от Feel Factory

Project team

Art Directors: Danil Kartashev, Pasha Marin, Ilya Gureev
Retouch: Danil Kartashev, Lera Egorova
Modelling and rendering: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Photographer: Pasha Marin
Project Manager: Lili Zhukova
Project manager on the client side: Dmitry Mishin

2.03.21 Design
A poster for 6 hours
Euforia de Flores, flowers in boxes
Na Uglyah (On Charcoals)