Identity for a restaurant

24 February 2015

Balkon is a restaurant in Barnaul, based on loft architecture aesthetics.

Loft aesthetics is pretty new in Russia which necessitates choosing simple, readable instruments to deliver the main idea
to the consumer. The main brand strategy is changeable environment in a single from. Loft is recognizable architecture form
and recognizable space organization. This idea is delivered by local interior solutions and visual instruments.

The logo of the restaurant in combination with patterns is the main visual instrument. The loft met-aphor is already presented
in the logo: single form with a variable filling. Logo is a lettering made from Helvetica font. This font has a 60 year history and
is one of the most universal. It perfectly fits into any environment.

The restaurant’s icon is the first letter «B». This reflects one more feature of the logotype — any of it’s letters can be
a separate graphic element. This lets us to easily implement the identity to the environ. The icon is perfectly suitable for using it in interior,
signboards, menu and cover decor. In a case of using icon in a layout the using of the logotype is unnecessary and vice versa.

Identity color scheme consists of five colors and is divided to subsections by it’s use:
1) Colors that should be used in interior, for logo and icon placement.
2) Colors that should be used in polygraph, digital environment and for interior emphasis.
The patterns are also based on these five colors.

Great way to integrate identity into interior is making of wood letter tablets with the use of pattern. If these tablets will be on sale
it could be an excellent decor and a reminder for consumers.




Art Director: Egor Cherkasov
Design: Egor Cherkasov
Project Manager: Dmitriy Kislitsyin

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