Animated screensavers for the Sber ecosystem

22 March 2022 | Animation

The New Year mood does not appear by itself — it needs to be created.
But how to create it for hundreds of thousands of smart device users Sber at the same time?

To solve this problem, together with the brand team, we have created a series of animated screensavers from New Year's symbols, which are going to number 2022. With their help, we wanted to surprise the audience, make them smile, and most importantly, share the holiday with them.

Some figures refer us not only to the new year, but also to the services of the Sber ecosystem: delivery of ready-made food and cool mineral water, holiday playlists of Sberbank Sound and a collection of New Year's movies of the OKKO online cinema.

Project team
SberDevices Team

Ilya Mihailov – Design Director
Roman Volynchuk – Art Director
Egor Vasiliev – Producer
Alena Ivanova – Creative Lead
Grigoriy Rakovskiy – Special Projects Team Lead

feelfacτσry Team

Ilya Levit (Gureev) – Senior Art Director/Team Lead
Danil Kartashev — Senior CG Generalist
Denis Vyvdenko — Account Director
Evgenia Savchenko — Producer
Sergey Egorov — CG Generalist
Fedor Guzev — Senior 3d-Modeler
Sergey Irchin — 3D Motion Designer

Max Krotov — 3D Motion Designer
Alena Vedernikova — Senior Designer
Yana Ivanova — Junior Designer
Dasha Cherkasova — Illustrator
Kirill Anferov — Junior 3D-modeler
Max Zaicev — Motion Designer

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