In mid-December 2021, the Elektronniy Gorod advertising campaign was launched. It is dedicated to the New Year and the Television of the Elektronniy Gorod.

07 January 2022 | Advertising campaign

Sometimes it's so hard to forget about all the worries and feel the beauty of the moment. After all, time is rushing forward so rapidly, leaving us behind in the hustle and bustle of business and haste. But still, let's stop – just for a moment – and just watch ... a TV series, a New Year's movie or ... the winter sky overhead, shrouded in snow and stars
Stop, watch the Television of the Elektronniy Gorod.

Project team

Client: Elektronniy Gorod

Art Director: Danil Kartashev, Pasha Marin

Photographer and retouch: Pasha Marin

Video: Pasha Marin

Composing: Maxim Polyakov

Motion Design: Max Krotov

Sound Design: Denis Ovechko

Illustrator: Dasha Cherkasova

Copywriter: Nikita Sklyarov

Layout: Nikita Sklyarov

Props: Evgenia Savchenko

Model: Yana Zagorenko

Makeup artist: Natalia Vologodskaya

Project Manager: Denis Ovechko

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