16 May 2023 | logo and posters for the series

"King and Jester" - A Visual Campaign for Kinopoisk's Series

The series "King and Jester" is a punk fairytale that revolves around two musician friends and the unique fantasy world they have crafted in their songs. This is how the series was described by the folks at Kinopoisk.

The storyline of the series unfolds alternately in two worlds: the real world and the imaginative realm. In collaboration with the creative team at Kinopoisk, we envisioned the series as an ancient collection of tales that could exist within the universe of King and Jester's songs. This visual metaphor is reinforced by distinctive engraved illustrations, reminiscent of the embellishments often found in ancient books.


Main Poster

Before conquering the Olympic Stadium stage, King and Jester conquered countless underground bars, cultural centers, kitchens, garages, and house entrances. On the main poster, the musicians stand in one of the places where it all began: a worn-out St. Petersburg hallway. Its decor reflects either remnants of pre-revolutionary luxury or castle embellishments - stained glass and a broken statue. Peering over the railing is the Jester, the series' main antagonist.

Character Posters

Each key character has their own character poster, depicting the character in a concert or fairytale guise against the backdrop of a unique stained glass window featuring their own image.

КиШ витражи
Project team

Client: Kinopoisk
Art Directors: Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev, Pasha Marin
Producer: Denis Ovechko
Account Director: Denis Vivdenko
Illustrator: Dasha Cherkasova
Graphic Design: Kirill Anferov, Dasha Cherkasova
Retouch: Kirill Anferov, Alina Stebletsova
Creative: Boris Skok
3D: Vasilii Nesklada, Konstantin Sofronov, Ivan Wurtenberger
Lettering: Alsou Balaneva


Creative: Margarita Yatskevich, Nastya Semenova
Producers: Leila Katybekova, Nikita Divaev

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