Identity for the Japanese cuisine restaurant Yapona Mama

16 April 2016

Yapona Mama is a restaurant and a delivery of various world's cuisine. We came up with a bright image,
kept the recognition of the brand and made an additional dynamic system of the brand identification with
the use of the simple round shape. For finer communication with the consumer we made some new phrases
and slogans to follow the circle theme.

The shape of the circle itself is dynamic, it can contain any associations and images that give the consumer the freedom to imagine. Images can be either complex or simple, perfectly round, or slightly distorted.

For example, on the cover of a menu in the form of a circle, there may be a three-dimensional rice, and on a leaflet with an offer for children, a soap bubble or a clown's nose.

Фирменный стиль Япона мама от Feel Factory

The main version of the logo.

Логотип Япона мама дизайн Feel Factory

Extra versions of the logo can easily be used for different occasions — offers, events, new dishes.

Guide to using the new logo, fonts, colors, and patterns.

Постеры  для Yapona Mama дизайн Feel Factory

Project team

Art Directors: Dima Kolchanov, Ilya Gureev, Danil Kartashev
Design: Dima Kolchanov
Project Manager: Natasha Zalesskaya

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