Event identity

24 May 2017

The Championship of Art is a contest, which involves actors, dancers, musicians, singers.

The Championship helps to develop choreography, photo, oratory and other creative directions in the Siberian region. The Championship of Arts is held 1-2 times a year. 

The main idea of the visual identification is an explosion in its peaceful manifestations: an explosion of emotions, feelings, adrenaline. When you see a talent, emotions go wild as high as a geyser, making you feel goose bumps.

We designed an identity and carriers for visual support of the event.

Визуалы Чемпионат Искусств дизайн Feel Factory

Постеры Чемпионат Искусств дизайн Feel Factory

Айдентика Чемпионат Искусств дизайн Feel Factory


Project team

Art Director: Ilya Gureev
Design: Ilya Gureev, Pasha Marin
Project Managers: Olga Karaseva, Nadezhda Russu

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