16 February 2018

Alverum is the medical center for laboratory diagnostics. The agency designed naming and identity.
Fundamental writing with clean and soft graphics is the basis of the system.

Sustainable writing with reference to the «digital» direction of laboratory research.






Визуал Альверум дизайн Feel Factory


Айдентика для медицинского центра от Feel Factory


Examples of visual communication using proprietary graphics

Фирменная графика для Альверум дизайн Feel Factory



Client: Alverum
Art Director: Dima Kolchan
Naming: FF
Design: Dima Kolchan, Danil Kartashev, Ilya Gureev
Animation: Max Krotov, Danil Kartashev
Project Manager: Lili Zhukova

Identity system for construction and engineering company
6 July 2017
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Favn Quest
Identity for a reality quest
28 April 2015
Concept for a Brazilian cable TV
Concept for a Brazilian cable TV
16 May 2015
Japanese restaurant menu
7 August 2015
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