10 Jedi tricks in Photoshop

We have made a couple of articles to be sure that you guys will be up-to-date in use of some new and hidden Photoshop features, which can help you with your CG or identity projects.

Here are some useful tips and tricks in Photoshop:

1 — Content-aware Fill

Edit > Fill or Shift + Backspace

Very handy tool for deleting unwanted objects from the image, just mark the object with Lasso Tool and then press Shift + Backspace and Ок.

2 — Blending Options

fx > Blending Options 

Sometimes it happens so that usual blending modes don’t fit the task, if this happens you can try to use Blend if modes in Layer Style panel. With the Alt key pressed drag the sliders back and forth, depending on what result you need to achieve.

3 — Defringe

Layer > Matting > Defringe

Defringe - инструмент обработки краёв изображения в Photoshop (статья Feel Factory)

This tool helps to work with the edges of the layer. Simple trick which will help you to get rid of the unwanted white or black edge of the layer.

4 — Rubber Band


This makes the Pen Tool guides visible, maybe some of you didn’t know about this option:)

5 — Natural Noise

Filter > Camera RAW Filter or Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) + A

Standart Noise Filter sometimes doesn’t suite for composing - it’s too digital and does not have enough settings. The solution is to use the Camera RAW Grain Filter. Settings allow you to change the size of the grain and it’s sharpness. This often helps to bring a touch of naturalness to the image in the final post production.

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Photos for the article were taken from shatter and unsplash.