Ключевые визуалы для рекламной кампании

10 мая 2022 | Campaign Key Visuals


Develop bright, juicy key visuals an ad campaign. They should reflect the main features of the product, i.e. convey that the drinks are a mixture of soda and juice. The packaging must be clearly visible so that the viewer remembers when he sees it on the shelf. They should not be dark, but sunny and positive. It is also important to find a non-standard, modern visual solution.


The juiciest thing in any citrus is its pulp and fibers. When we see the whole fruit, in the peel, there is no full-fledged feeling of juiciness, but when we see a beautiful cut of lemon or tangerine with these fibers, from which the juice flows, this causes the feeling of a bright citrus taste in the mouth.

Therefore, we propose to hypertrophy the image of the entrails of mandarin and citrus and show them in all their glory, how they hold our cans with large fibers and feed them with juice, a liquid will be visible between the fibers - this is soda.

It is both an art composition and a full-fledged, juicy visual.

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feelfacτσry team

Ilya Levit (Gureev) – Senior Art Director/CG Generalist
Konstantin Kovalenko — Senior CG Generalist
Sergey Egorov — 3D Artist
Alina Stebletsova — Producer

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