Identity system for construction and engineering company

6 July 2017

StroyServis (Build Service) is a construction and engineering company which provides services for diagnostics,
repair and construction of pipelines of various purposes using a variety of materials. For 15 years of work
the company has been rebranded and restructured, having entered the construction holding, which helped
to keep up wth the times - be modern and technological.


We reworked the visual image, getting as close to the topic of planning and construction as possible through easily
readable images - drawings, millimeter paper, simple geometry.



Fundamentalism, manufacturability, but at the same time visual literacy - are the main ideas od the identity.





We made a usable system of graphic elements, floating in weightlessness. They are easy to read and easy to work with.



For illustrating of different tasks, it’s simple to built various shapes from simple objects.


Easy graphic system lets us to create additional icons with the use of lines.








It’s great to create patterns from graphic elements, and moreover make them dynamic.




The result of our work is a guideline, where the rules and recommendations can be found.


Art Director: Dima Kolchan
Design: Dima Kolchan, Max Krotov
Project Manager: Lilya Zhukova

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