22 January 2018

For the fast food chain Vilka-Lozhka (Fork-Spoon), the agency developed two advertising posters.

In the first with the help of a charismatic character we tell about the limited in time breakfast
for 49 rubles.




Working on the lettering.

Работа над леттерингом Не прозевай завтрак Feel FactoryMaking more readable way of writing.






In the second we tell you that you won’t stand in the line for more than 5 minutes

Раздача до 5 минут в Вилка Ложка – постер от Feel Factory

Client: Food Master
Art Director: Pasha Marin
Modeling: Ilya Gureev, Sergey Egorov
Rendering and retouch: Danil Kartashev, Sergey Egorov
Lettering: Alsou Balaneva 
Project Manager: Pasha Marin

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