21 January 2018

The brand of children’s footwear  Indigo Kids got a new image - bright, emotional and cheerful.
A simple system of communication with graceful letters and a neat layout made it possible to accent
on simplicity and accessibility, and the brightness of colors conveys explosive child energy.



Everything is as simple and convenient as possible - the letters do their job.

Айдентика для Indigo от Feel Factory фото

Was - Became
Разработка нового логотипа от Feel Factory было/стало


The agency made templates for catalogs and came up with a system for filing photos of products.
We also show examples of branding on different media.



An example of print advertising using elements of corporate identity.


Фирменный стиль для обуви Индиго от Feel Factory

Client: INDIGO Kids
Art Director: Dima Kolchan
Design: Dima Kolchan, Max Krotov
Project Manager: Denis Vivdenko

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