500 Mbps In The City

1 April 2019

To tell about a new, record high Internet access speed for Novosibirsk was a task, delivered
by Elektronniy Gorod for our agency. At the same time, do it unobtrusively, without specificcall
“join”, without boasting “we are the first.” However, it is worth noting — really the first.
The company, without changing its traditions, is also improving the city with its products,
and we are helping them with this.

Hence the slogan — 500 Mbps in the city. We simply inform that from now on there is such a thing.
What is this speed for? Everyone decides for himself. You can be a gamer, love the video in the highest
quality — plenty of different reasons for a high speed Internet, right?

The result of the work were 4 key advertising images. For each of them, we created a 3D animation.
Each of them found its place — these are static billboards, digital billboards, advertising on the Internet.
Here is what happens when a client expresses his trust in us and allows us to create.


Client: Elektronniy Gorod
Art Directors: Danil Kartashev, Pasha Marin, Ilya Gureev
CGI: Danil Kartashev, Viktor Shulgin, Max Oz, Ilya Gureev, Freak Fabrique
Project Manager: Denis Vivdenko, Denis Ovechko

Identity system for construction and engineering company
6 July 2017
A4 Short Film Awards
A4 Short Film Awards
Competition for young filmmakers
8 July 2019
Concept for a Brazilian cable TV
Concept for a Brazilian cable TV
16 May 2015
Hurdy Gurdy
Hurdy Gurdy
Identity for the grill-bar
10 May 2018
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