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Development of corporate identity for launching brands and rebranding existing ones. Development of naming, logo, packaging, lettering. Creation of guides on the use of identity and support companies on a regular basis.

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Na Uglyah (On Charcoals)
Restaurant identity
22 сентября 2017
Indigo Kids
Identity for a shoe brand
21 января 2018
Identity system for construction and engineering company
6 июля 2017
ELK Ural Keramika
Ceramic tableware from the Urals
5 июня 2017

Advertising campaigns and key visuals

Creation of high-quality content for advertising campaigns and media projects. Photo and video production, advertising retouching and creation of three-dimensional graphics. Development of concepts and sketches.

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Gourmet from McDonald’s
16 мая 2017
John West
Made by Ocean
23 мая 2017
A poster for 6 hours
Spice Poster
11 августа 2017
Chef recipes
26 мая 2017

Website design and development

Development of promotional websites for the presentation of a product or services, creation of landing pages, corporate sites and directories.

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Prokhorov’s confectionery
Prokhorov’s confectionery
Design and creation of the site for the confectionery
20 January 2018
Site for a fresh-bar
30 August 2017
Prana Dana Yoga Wheel
Prana Dana Yoga Wheel
Site for the yoga wheel
22 June 2016


Assistance in creating regular media content for corporate photobanks and image projects.

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