10 Jedi tricks in Photoshop — part 2


6 — Nik Collection by Google


Nik Collection плагин для Photoshop ( статья Feel Factory)

Very useful plugin for Photoshop with a big variety of effects and presets. For example, there is a section Classic Camera in Analog Efex Pro, where you can find a great camera imitation, like lens vignette, nice Bokeh effect and other tools, which can be useful to make an image more realistic and live. In Color Efex Pro you can find useful tools for editing contrast and details (Tonal Contrast, Pro Contrast, Detail Extractor).

7 — Chromatic Aberration

Filter > Lens Correction or Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) + R

Инструменты фотошоп, хроматические аберрации (блог Feel Factory)

We usually delete chromatic aberration from photo shots, but sometimes this effect brings life to our composing, especially when we use 3D. But try not to use it too obvious:)

8 — Viewing a Specific Layer

Alt + left mouse button

Sometimes you need to view only one layer, for example to compare the before and after, and you don’t need to copy this layer and put it on top of others - just press the Alt key and the left mouse button, and the same to bring all layers back.

9 — Crop With Content-Aware

Crop Tool > upper control panel > Content-Aware

From the Photoshop CC (2015) there is an option to make a crop with the use of Content-Aware tool. To try, turn on the Crop tool (C on the keyboard) and tick the Content-Aware on the top of the panel. By the way, there is a great tool Straighten, which helps to straighten the horizon, just draw a line along the object and the algorithm will do it for you.

10 — Fast Layer Export

Rigth button mouse > Export As...

Фотошоп, быстрый экспорт слоев (блог Feel Factory)

To save few layers at once to different files just mark the layers and click a right mouse button, click Export As and in pop-up window you can choose the size, format needed and compression.

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Photos for the article were taken from shatter and unsplash.