Top 10 European Agencies

We are focused on trends, new techniques and systems of visual communication in identity. We love experiments, changing the approach and looking on the brand from the other side. We have a list of studios, which surprise and inspire us to think different and create an unusual forms. We like European Design School and today we gonna share our favorites with you. Some of them are big — they set trends in graphic design, some are smaller — they like experiments and details. We chose top 10 significant teams, that have had a big impact on us.

Let’s start!

1 — George&Harrison. Netherlands

Small and young team from Eindhoven, specializes in identity and communication since 2013. Keywords are context, research and dialogue. A classical representative of Dutch School, they like sense of humor (which is underappreciated in design).

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2 — BVD. Sweden

Practical guys from Stockholm, found in 1996, have their own approach to the client. The main message is «We simplify to clarify» - making the world better and more clear with simple solutions, making the design around us comprehensible. Recently they launched a useful podcast on theis website. 

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3 — Moodley brand identity. Austria

A major agency from Vien, also present in Germany and USA. Keywords are dialogue and strategy. Lots of rewards for topnotch identity!

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4 — Heydays. Norway

Unreal guys from Oslo, a big studio with fantastic works on brand identification. Key phrase - «We remove noise to add value». At the moment guys are preparing to surprise us with a new website.

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5 — Atipus. Spain

Let’s move to the South. Not very big, but quite experienced studio from Barcelona, found in 1998. Keywords are conceptual, creative, simple. Besides the identity they make very creative digital projects.

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6 — Lava. Netherlands

One of our favorites Dutch studio with a very strong base in editorial design. They suggest their clients to experiment and explore new opportunities in design and technologies. They organize events, workshops and tell a lot about their Lab. Since 2013 they succesfully conquer the Chinese marker.

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7 — Graphéine. France

Design agency from Paris, they heal brand communication with a good dose of creativity, and do it well. Working process and some other tips could be found on their website.

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8 — de_form. Hungary

Two young designers from Budapest, found in 2014. «The most important for both of us is to give meaning to all the things we do». Guys love effective solutions and lots of emotions with an intuitive approach. Also they have a very cool website.

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9 — Werklig. Finland

Taking to the North straight to Helsinki. Mission - “Help clients to conquer the world!” Guys suggest to make a good design and have a good time solving the problem. Furthermore, it is possible to get to an intership with them in Spring or Autumn.

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10 — Lundgren+Lindqvist. Sweden

And in the final - two cool guys from Sweden: a designer and a programmer. Starting from 2007, they use code as a design tool, like pen and paper. They work with clients from all over the world, from lots of different spheres of business. Also, they have their own publishing house ll'Editions.

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